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Zocam Plumbing is proudly located in Harrisburg, NC near Charlotte Motor Speedway. Since the doors opened in 2005, Zocam Plumbing has taken pride in every single job, big or small. From commercial to residential, new construction or existing – we are humbled and grateful for every referral and opportunity and it shows. For more, see our reviews.

The Story Behind “Zocam”

When the owners of Zocam Plumbing Inc. began to brainstorm a name for their new company, they could not help but gather inspiration from two beautiful little girls, daughters Zoë and Camden. Each girl was excited to be the first one to sit in the front seat of their father’s shiny new Ford F-350 crew cab. Michael’s wife Shannon said, “We need something unique, of course.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next. The company was named after Michael’s two girls. So when asked, “Why Zocam?” “That was the easiest part,” says Elmore. “The loves of my life are my daughters Zoë and Camden.” Shortly after starting the business, Elmore welcomed a son, Theron Paul. Will we all soon be calling it THE Zocam Plumbing?

The History of Zocam Plumbing

Harrisburg native and owner of Zocam Plumbing Inc.Michael Elmore never imagined he would accomplish what he has today. In March of 2005, with big dreams and aspiration, Zocam Plumbing opened its doors directly across the street from Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Starting with only a small clientele comprised of family and friends, a year later Zocam Plumbing is a reputable company busy working on new commercial construction projects from restaurant up fits to hotels and schools, new residential for developers in the region plus 5-Star customer service for residential and commercial service. Elmore still finds time for service calls, third-party warranty work and has continued requests to move into the commercial sector.

Elmore studied in London, England at The City of London School and Lenoir Rhyne College intent on pursuing a career in medicine. Eventually, although still intrigued by medicine, his focus began to shift as he sought a profession that was more “hands-on.” A member of several sports teams growing up; he could not resist the appeal of the outdoors and began to think of ways to combine the two.

He came back home to Harrisburg and initially did miscellaneous jobs that required him to work with his hands and experience the instant gratification that comes when a job is complete. Attempting to plan for the future, he accepted a job at a local plumbing company as a way to support himself while learning a new trade. Elmore never imagined it would lead not only to a permanent career, but also the beginning of a new business venture. He successfully completed the rigorous Plumbing Contractor testing and received his Unlimited Plumbing License in March 2005.

Elmore is involved in every aspect of running his company. He is active in each project from the bidding, to design, to pipe laying, to installation of fixtures and finally to seeing the first drop from a faucet, or hearing the sound of a flushing commode, as need to support his team. As the operation continues to grow, he knows that eventually he may not be able to see every job from start to finish, but his number one priority remains customer satisfaction. To stay true to that objective, he vows to always devote as much time as possible to all clients.

Zocam’s Talented Team of Professional Plumbers

Zocam Plumbing Inc.’s reputable team of professionals is the best in their trade. Approaching a combine total of nearly 170 years experience, we take pride in our team of highly-skilled technicians and office staff and are dedicated to excellence in the areas of quality and superior customer service. Our team members actively pursue available training in order to further their knowledge of the trade and guarantee professional results. Clients should always anticipate our distinguished technicians to arrive outfitted in company apparel, clean-cut, courteous and driving a decaled vehicle.

Looking to join our team?

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